Average Size Mannequin & Average Sized Woman


via Fat Goddess.

This is the thing I do not love about my Carlotta (my mannequin). Most of the clothing I sell is way too big. I used to  clothespin the waistband in the back to fit her . For now, I’ve just been using clip hangers,though. By trying to make the clothes fit a small mannequin, it betrays the actual size of average & plus size garments, not exactly a good service to potential customers of all sizes. It made me cringe when I adjusted something to fit the mannequin. It felt representative of the idea that women looking at a size 16 dress should adjust their body size to fit this expectation based on a fake ideal of a woman’s size.

Children’s  clothing fits Carlotta , for crying out loud.

This week, I think I may try to build my “average sized” mannequin up to be more accurate to what is a real  average size. Maybe with newspaper & duct tape?