*SOLD* Princess Co-Operative Board Game 1986

In this co-operative game, the players have to work together to rescue the Princess from the tower before nightfall.
Sweet & gentle illustrations, a cozy game for young kids. Recommended age is 4-7 and for 2 to 4 players (this is a great game for just 2 players though).
Includes: 12 x 12″ board, die, movers, night cards, good grief cards, special things.
This game is in fantastic condition. All things including game box in pristine condition.

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*SOLD* The Period Game

“The Period Game is a fun, positive, learning experience that teaches participants about what is happening within menstruating bodies and how to “go with the flow.” It’s pretty much impossible to play the game without saying words like “period” and “tampon,” making it a lot easier to talk about both in real life, and empowering the next generation to stop hiding tampons in their sleeves.”

The Period Game is a board game designed to teach menstruation in a fun, engaging way. Games are for 2-5 players and take approx 20-30 minutes to play

This is such a great game for menstruation education that breaks the period stigmas in the classrooms or at home.
Game is new and sealed in original plastic.

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