Vintage Goodies: What Shall I Be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls Boardgame

What Shall I Be? Vintage 1976 Boardgame

"What Shall I Be?" vintage board game by Selchow & Righter Company. Complete and in good vintage condition.


What shall I be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls 1976 Boardgame

This gem is an effort by Selchow & Righter Company to correct their original “What Shall I Be?” career girls game from 1966. In the original, girls could choose to be a teacher, airline hostess, actress, nurse, model,or ballet dancer. BUT if you pick the “personality card” that said YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT…oh,dear… you can’t be half of those jobs. 

The version for boys released at the same time offered careers like surgeon, lawyer,astronaut,horse jockey, film director, and news anchor. I don’t know if that version also eliminated jobs based on the personality flaw of being overweight.

In 1976 Selchow & Righter tried to appease those darn feminists who wanted girls to play board games that imagined girls could be surgeons and lawyers and horse jockeys, among other thing and released the game again with all the jobs for boys being the same for girls.

Some things with this game still aren’t great. Some personality traits that eliminate jobs are being a low thinker and being too excitable. But hey, at least these are equal traits for both boys and girls?

[Also, I would just like to add my own 2 cents here and say that I think being a ballerina and a nurse and all those other “girl” jobs are still valuable and wonderful things to be and hello, boys can be those,too.]

Still, the 1976 in all it’s imperfections is a great symbol of progress for equality. The illustrations may even be considered forward thinking give our current dialogue about opportunities for women of color in the film industry.