“No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us”

Portrait of Marsha “Pay It no Mind” Johnson, a mother of the trans and queer liberation movement.

She fought at Stonewall and dedicated her life to helping trans* youth, sex workers and poor and incarcerated queers. We honor her legacy by supporting trans women of color to Live + Lead.

art by Micah Bazant

via the dopest ethiopienne — 

Grab Your Mask and Cape


Grab Your Mask and Cape

I absolutely love this  new series in progress by Lucky Jackson. Oh, the nostalgia of being a little girl in my Wonder Woman underroos ,Batman cape,  and lightsaber tucked into my underwear “holster”. I loved mash-ups even then. My own kids reflect this,too.

If you’ve never checked out Lucky Jackson, do so. So many wonderful and creative odes to pop culture and life. It’s “fun, happy art”.

Last year she created one hand embroidered work of art for each day of the year. They’re all fantastic.You can find some of the pints in the Etsy shop.