Catching Fire Katniss Cowl

I finally watched Catching Fire last night. There’s this one scene toward the beginning where Katniss is wearing a knitted  sweater vest cowl thingy. I said out loud,”I wonder how many knitters tried to make that?” Boy, do I know my knitters. They’ve been busy. PATTERN for Chunky Knit Crochet Asymmetrical by TwoOfWandsShop. The Red Heart version isn’t nearly as nice but I love that they called it a Survival Cowl. In this Bad Lip Reading, Peeta doesn’t seem to like it much. “You gonna wear that?”  (:34 in) Continue reading Catching Fire Katniss Cowl

Thrifting for Repurposing Tips

Whitney Sews has some good tips on using thrifted items as craft and sewing supplies. I haven’t been shopping at a craft or fabric store for years, except to restock on paints for art journaling. When I’m at a garage sale or thrift shop, I’m also scoping out the inventory for things that can be made into something else.  Sheets, especially flannel ones, have been a favorite thing to pick up for lately. I’ve been using them as a backing for afghans and quilts. Like this:   I’m still stockpiling t-shirts,too for a big project… an area rug for my daughter’s … Continue reading Thrifting for Repurposing Tips

Average Size Mannequin & Average Sized Woman

  via Fat Goddess. This is the thing I do not love about my Carlotta (my mannequin). Most of the clothing I sell is way too big. I used to  clothespin the waistband in the back to fit her . For now, I’ve just been using clip hangers,though. By trying to make the clothes fit a small mannequin, it betrays the actual size of average & plus size garments, not exactly a good service to potential customers of all sizes. It made me cringe when I adjusted something to fit the mannequin. It felt representative of the idea that women looking at a … Continue reading Average Size Mannequin & Average Sized Woman

“No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us”

Portrait of Marsha “Pay It no Mind” Johnson, a mother of the trans and queer liberation movement. She fought at Stonewall and dedicated her life to helping trans* youth, sex workers and poor and incarcerated queers. We honor her legacy by supporting trans women of color to Live + Lead. art by Micah Bazant via the dopest ethiopienne —  Continue reading “No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us”