Knot a Problem- angels to all knitters with cats and toddlers

Twice in my life I have Freecycled impossibly tangled yarn. Once, the culprit was my toddler who unwound  two skeins of yarn and not only that, carried one end in each hand and walked through the house with them. This happened in the span of maybe 2 minutes while I ran to them bathroom. Those toddlers are lightning quick little buggers. The other time was kitten related. Kittens are going to kitten. After that I made sure there was never yarn in open baskets or left unattended on the couch. I remember wondering  when the yarn was rapidly snatched up … Continue reading Knot a Problem- angels to all knitters with cats and toddlers

Kid’s T-Shirt + Old Jeans = Upcycled Tote Bag

I can be a little sentimental about the clothes my kids have outgrown. We are moving this summer and my husband has challenged me to turn all those clothes I’ve saved into something crafty. When I realized last week that my littlest needed a new bag to carry back and forth to pre-school, I headed for the To Be Upcycled pile and the kids’ clothes stash for some supplies. Supplies: One size 2 Batman shirt and 2 pairs of jeans my teenage girls wore to death. The bag he had been using was just your basic reusable grocery bag, the … Continue reading Kid’s T-Shirt + Old Jeans = Upcycled Tote Bag

Beginning a Braided Rug

The weather guy says if you go outside,you’ll die in 15 minutes or something like that. (It’s really cold here) It’s a good day to start piecing the braids together I made from t-shirt yarn. It’s my first braided rug. I have no idea what I’m doing but so far, it’s looking ok. I added the burnt orangey color in because I was afraid I was going to end up with something that looked like hunter’s camouflage. I was trying to a color scheme to match the cushion I made for this gigantic papasan-style couch (seriously, this thing is huge. … Continue reading Beginning a Braided Rug

Catching Fire Katniss Cowl

I finally watched Catching Fire last night. There’s this one scene toward the beginning where Katniss is wearing a knitted  sweater vest cowl thingy. I said out loud,”I wonder how many knitters tried to make that?” Boy, do I know my knitters. They’ve been busy. PATTERN for Chunky Knit Crochet Asymmetrical by TwoOfWandsShop. The Red Heart version isn’t nearly as nice but I love that they called it a Survival Cowl. In this Bad Lip Reading, Peeta doesn’t seem to like it much. “You gonna wear that?”  (:34 in) Continue reading Catching Fire Katniss Cowl