::Today in History::


March 25,1911- The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory in NYC caught on fire. The factory owner had locked all his employees in, many of them technically children,  and 147 couldn’t escape. Many jumped to their deaths trying to escape. Frances Perkins witnessed the event from a friend’s apartment window and it impacted her greatly . Much of her work as Secretary of Labor stemmed from that incident and led the way for 30 different measures toward labor reform, including abolishing child labor laws, capping work hours, and establishing minimum wage and particularly effected and improved working conditions for those in the garment and textile industry.

On a lighter garment related note..

Please Stop Trying To Make The High-Rise Wide-Leg Crop Happen
REALLY. I’m seeing these everywhere, even in vintage circles which is incredibly confusing because I don’t think high water bell bottoms was actually a thing so I dunno if vintage sellers are just hemming vintage bell bottoms or they’re just not vintage. Whatever.

::Also Fashion::
Walmart bought Mod Cloth. Yeah, that’s sad

:: Affirmation Art::

I love this. Who made this? If you know, please share the artist’s name. I found it on Facebook with no credit :-/

::Important Thoughts::
Like art? Cool, so pay for it.
It may not be a comfortable topic for everyone but it has to be put out there. Give artists your money. Support local art programs. Fund art.

aminder_d is creating a Death Note parody titled Mild Inconvenience’,about a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows her to mildly inconvenience anyone whose name she writes in it.



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