3.21.17 daily glimpse

Things ogled, wanted, loved,created or in the works for today.

::Current Project::
We have a new grandbaby named George so when I saw this cute George and the Dragon flip doll in Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go by Laura Wilson, I thought it would be a stinkin’ cute thing to make for the little guy.

(Photo 1 is book cover. Photo 2 is George flipping into a dragon)


Two-Inch Brush is a database of all Bob Ross’ painting shown on ‘The Joy of Painting’

:: DIY Cosplay::
Artist Creates a Full Suit of Black Knight Armor Out of Cardboard For a Six Year Old Kid . It’s super cute. 

I’m so excited for #VintagePledge 2017!  I haven’t decided on how much or what I’m making yet. Definitely at least one vintage knitting pattern.

:: Comics::
10 Female Cartoonists You Should Know

:: Crowdfunding Art::

Support Bingo Love: A black queer romance graphic novella!


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