podcast: Craft Lit

One of my fave long running podcasts is Craft Lit , “the podcast for busy people who love audiobooks”.  It’s a little bit of craft talk, usually at the start,  with a featured  audio book, broken down over several episodes. Heather Ordover intersperses the audio with commentary about the literature and author. It’s perfect for listening to while crafting… or cleaning (especially if you’re like ADHD-me and need help focusing on menial tasks).

Today I’m going back to older archives that I didn’t listen to before and listening to Dracula while I switch around my boys’ summer and fall/winter clothes.Perfect for this rainy,gray, and chilly October day.

You can also find Heather’s updates at…
Facebook:  CraftLit: a Podcast for Busy People who Love Audiobooks
Twitter: Heather at CraftLit
Instagram: @hordover


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