Free Score: Papermaking supplies!

I check the free section of craigslist frequently. Yesterday I managed to snag a box of papermaking screens,pigments, and additives.

I am SO excited. I used to make paper frequently and my handmade papers were a staple in my etsy shop. I used to do large custom orders for weddings and other events,too. I stopped making paper probably about 6 years ago when I had another baby AND my oldest son moved back in with us, into the room I used as my studio and office space. When we were moving I was having so many ,”Wah, poor me. Life sucks” moments I threw out all my papermaking supplies. (Depression makes you do some ridiculous things). Now I’m in a better place (literally and figuratively) and so ready to get back at this. Thanks, Universe. I like the stuff you throw at me sometimes.


I have a crib to pick up later that I claimed through the free listings. Not sure what it will become. Something gardeny or maybe a cute little bench? Not sure yet.


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