Dyeing yarn in the microwave

The set-up for my workspaceColors are mixed and the yarn is ready. Let's dye!I started with red and gently massaged it into the yarn.Next up: yellow, mixed gently with the red in places to create orange.Almost there...The yarn fresh out of the microwave.Rinsed and dried.My tablet camera really doesn't do the colors justice.


Dyeing yarn in the microwave

I learned a new method for dyeing yarn from the book Värjää itse langat ja kuidut (Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece) by Gail Callahan (translated into Finnish by Tuulia Salmela). The book has really inspired me to try new things with yarn and dyes. Until now, I’ve pretty much stuck to the cooking pot method and dip dyeing.

This new method is called painting yarn, and it’s quite simple and a lot of fun. The dye is first dissolved into warm water and then gently massaged into the yarn. Then the yarn is placed in the microwave oven in a microwave-proof container. This sets the dye.

A detailed account of my dye experiment is under the cut.

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