Look,guys…I’m crocheting!


I’m tired of people saying, “What?! You can knit but you can’t crochet? That’s so weird!”.
I’ve tried all the most recommended books for beginners and I can’t get it. I tend to be more of a visual learner. So, I hit up the youtubes. After trying a few videos that just weren’t helping, I found The Crochet Crowd  and the How To Crochet for Beginner’s Series. Michael Sellick explains everything perfectly. My 9 year old son sat next to me cheerleading /critiquing my form (his major input was that I hold the yarn “wrong”, which is to say, like I’m knitting),  and was inspired enough to go find a crochet hook and yarn to try it out.

I’m super proud of myself for making it through single and half double crochet. I never once picked up TWO crochet hooks and tried to knit with them!

My hands hurt from sewing that braided rug I’m working on so I need to take a break.  I can’t believe how much my hands hurt. My fingers are actually swollen. Hand-sewists back in the day must have had some beefy-strong hands.  Or maybe I’m just getting old.

2 thoughts on “Look,guys…I’m crocheting!

    • Oh,interesting! I knit really tight. In the 1st knitting group I went to, there was a woman who would tease me about it (weird,right?!) and I gathered I wasn’t supposed to be knitting so tight but it’s what felt right!


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