Olaf from “Frozen” – Knitting Pattern

My 4 year old (who doesn’t even like Frozen) says the only thing he wants for Christmas is Olaf, so how fortunate that this pattern showed up on my Pinterest feed today. ❤

The Knit Guru

This pattern has been a long time coming… As I admit it was a little more challenging to invent than I had anticipated…. But I am pleased with the result.

You can get a clean PDF copy here for download.

You will need:

– 5 x 4mm double pointed needles

– white, orange and black DK (8ply) yarn. Half a ball of white… Scraps of the others.

– 2 goggle eyes – approx 4mm diameter

– 3 black buttons

– stuffing

– black and white thread

– wool needle and a sewing needle

– small piece of white felt


Cast on 10 in white on 4mm dpn

Stst 6 rows flat.

Make 2

Evenly spread the 2 legs over 4 needles (5stitches on each needle)

You are now onto his body. Keep a stitch marker in the start of this rotation as it will show the middle of his…

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