“We are not chained to our current capabilities.”

I think about this Growth Mindset talk whenever someone says to me that they can’t do something creative or have no talent for things such as sewing, knitting, art, or even simple crafts.
I am currently tackling crochet, which I have never been able to do past a basic chain. I can knit well. For whatever reason, crochet is hard for me but dernit, I’m going to crochet something this year! It might not look great but the next thing I make will look better and the more I do it, the better my skills will become.
I’m also fairly obsessed lately with the idea of building things. With wood. To me, I’m thinking that I can measure and cut fabric into pieces and assemble them with the sewing machine. Can building something out of wood be that different?  It’s likely my first bookshelf will look as awkward and crooked as that first skirt I made when I was 12 but that’s ok. It’s the process that matters.

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