Cover art for Girl Glue zine

This is artwork by MAiS2 as an illustration in an issue of Girl Glue zine by Mel Stringer.

Sadly, I had to track down the info about this art down. Through reblogging on tumblr, all of the artist’s information and words about the art were erased.
People, PLEASE try to include all of the artist’s info when reblogging and pinning and tweeting.

Anyway, what the artist says about this art:

 I did this illustration for the zine GIRL GLUE by Mel Stringer, to know more and buyCLICK HERE!! AvA

I’m very happy to be part of the 1st issue and even more honored to be on the cover!!

this drawing in particular is inspired by ok, girls in general ,but quite a few details are inspired by my teenage self ( better known as the bionic woman ), with braces and corset for scoliosis.

No I’ve never had a beautiful french bulldog btw.


Well, no details zoom this time, just have fun finding everything! A v A

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