A Giant Wave Made Out of Thousands of Barbie Dolls & a comic about “Going Blonde”

This has been on several of my social media feeds recently and I skipped over it . Because Barbie Dolls. Not a fan. Finally, something made me look closer at the sculpture. It’s actually really cool. This video interview with  artist Annette Thas explains her vision behind it. It started as a sentimental piece of art, a “wave of memories” from childhood. I love that imagery. The size of it was thoughtfully constructed to make it be overwhelming ,like waves of memories washing over you.

wave 1 by Annette Thas

Annette specifically chose blonde Barbies as an expression of society’s beauty standards. This morning , this thoughtful comic by Emily May about going blonde showed up on my feedly ..er…feed.

Check out the rest of the strip  ~here~

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