Artist Feature: Lisa Congdon

Artist Lisa Congdon

 Betty Friedan from The Reconstructionists series by Lisa Congdon ,collaborating with Maria Popova.

I can only describe Lisa Congdon’s art & illustrations as brightening and soul feeding. I love her use of colors and the messages the finished projects convey.

You may have seen some of Lisa’s hand lettered art around the Internet. I’ve learned to spot them when I see them pop up on my Facebook, Pinterest,  and tumblr feed. The style is pretty distinctive and I love being able to leave someone a comment saying, “Hey, that’s Lisa Congdon’s art!”. It’s one of the bad things right now about the Interwebs… artists work is spread all over the place without credit given.

Hand lettered art…


You can buy prints of Lisa’s work at her Etsy shop . You can also purchase her cool,hand lettered fonts here.


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