“Washies” ….aka Reusuable Cloth Wipes or “Family Cloth”

 On my To -Do List this week: Sew up more cloth washies.

I started making my own cloth wipes when my twins were born 16 years ago. It wasn’t the first time I had used cloth wipes .When I was a nanny years earlier, they had used cloth because they didn’t like the chemicals in disposable baby wipes. An excellent reason not to use baby wipes fro the store but my reason was absolutely financial. Disposable wipes can cost on average about $500 for the 3 years a kid is in diapers...and I had two baby butts to wipe!

Since then, the cloth “washies” (as I call them) are used for everything in our house. We have a batch that are used as butt wipes and others that are used as washcloths or hankies. And yes, I have sewn up a different size variety to use a cloth toilet “paper” or as it’s known to most who use it, “Family Cloth” . I love that they last a long,long time (I still have wipes I made when my 7 yr old was born that still have lots of life left in them). When they start to look a little ratty, then they go into the rag bin and serve another purpose.

Right now,I only have a set of 7 cloth washies in my Etsy shop but I also can take custom orders based on the colors you would like and the quantity you would like. The fabric I use to make them is 100% recycled. The fabric I use is usually taken from discarded linens & clothing that may have had a flaw (a tear, a stain,etc). I only use the quality,usable parts of the fabric. The washies in the listing are double sided flannel but I can also make them double sided with one side being flannel and the other soft terry cloth. If you’d like to custom order some, use the CONTACT button on the sidebar at my Etsy shop.

Reusable Upcycled Cloth Washies -Farm Animals and Yellow Gingham

7 Reusable Upcycled Cloth Washies -Farm Animals and Yellow Gingham

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