Meet Carlotta

This is a re-post from my personal blog . I felt it was important to introduce Carlotta , the creepy & lovely model in my Etsy & Ebay shops.

I decided last month that I needed something mannequin-ish to photograph clothing for etsy & ebay. I really wanted a dress form but that didn’t seem likely to score cheap or easy. And I’m all about being cheap & easy.

Yeah, I said it.So you wouldn’t have to.

I bought almost-the-next-best-thing, which I found very cheaply and easily on ebay.

She’d been in our house for about a day and already she was fitting in well with our family.By that,I mean…they’d all already found different ways to amuse themselves with her and make her the subject of quirky jokes. Personally,I was a little creeped out by having a plastic replica of a headless and limbless woman hanging out around the house. It didn’t help that her neck has what look like a cross-section of severed arteries and stuff.


It felt like she should have a name. Because naming a plastic headless and limbless woman isn’t at all creepy.

I sought  input on names from the kids. I think for a whole day her name was Clarice Penny Lane Marshmallow Popcorn Popper, or something like that.

The day after her name choosing, I had Harvey Danger’s “Carlotta Valdez” stuck in my head. I looked over at Clarice Whatsherface and made the executive decision to rename her Carlotta Valdez.

If you’ve never seen Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Carlotta Valdes (with an ‘s’ on the end,not a ‘z’)  is the dead woman in the painting who haunts & “possesses” Madeleine.  The Harvey Danger song sums up the basics pretty well.

Carlotta might not look like Hitchcock’s vision (what with the pretty blonde head missing and all) but at least she gets to dress well. When she’s not wearing lace bustiers and mink coats, my daughter insists she wear at least a basic black bra she gifted her. We’re still trying to find panties around here that fit her. At least she’s half-decent most of the time

Yesterday I remarked to my daughter ,with a twinge of guilt, that I still kind of wanted a dress form. She acted as if I had said I was thinking of trading her baby brother in for a new baby who  sleeps better at night. I guess Carlotta is a real member of the fam now. Poor dear.

[blog title from: “Carlotta Valdez” by Harvey Danger. That line refers to one of my favorite parts of “Vertigo”…Jimmy Stewart drives Kim Novak up the coast to see the redwoods. She’s never been before. She’s amazed . He’s entranced.They kiss. *sigh*]

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