Vintage Knitting Patterns

I fished this knitting magazine from the 80s out of a free box yesterday. Man, I love this stuff.




My Eldest Spawn was quite taken with this one. He mused out loud, “The weird thing is…this looks like a boy with a wig on.And I’m oddly really attracted.”



Check out that Indian Doll. Huh.



I don’t even know what to say.

There are some good patterns in magazines like this,though. You just have to use your imagination and look past the weird models & icky yarns and odd designs. You may have to battle a bit of 80’s related PTSD . “Did we really dress like that then?!” No way, not me.

Like this one !  It would still be a pretty cute sweater.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Knitting Patterns

  1. I get horrid anxiety over anything intarsia/stranded knitting… I have a hard enough problem with gauge without adding more colors……


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