This week’s favorite listings….

These are a few of my favorites I have listed on both Ebay & Etsy right now….



TRAMP Red Polka Dot Sheer Crinkle Top Large

I have to admit I was a little sad when I saw this had a bid on it. I was thinking of keeping it for myself. C’est la vie!


Vintage Dashiki with Angel Wing Sleeves

Vintage Dashiki with Angel Wing Sleeves

When I was listing this, I drew a blank on exactly what style this is. DASHIKI! Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook who helped me out with that.

I love wearing tops like this. I have a few…including one that has a scorched sleeve because I was cooking while wearing it and I dragged the sleeve through the fire. This top should come with a warning to that effect perhaps.

SALE OOAK Black Pleather Handbag – Recycled

This purse has been in my shop forever. When I made it ,the only radio station I could get to come in was a classic rock station that played lots of hair bands. I was channeling Bret Michaels. I was thinking it would launch a White Trash Couture trend but I guess not.



Ladies Vintage Fur Coat -GORGEOUS

I’m selling this gorgeous fur coat for an elderly lady who was a dear friend of my Grandmother’s. You can read the story behind it here

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