[Review] Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Wool Wash


I’ve noticed something as Baby #6 joined our household: I do less DIY and gladly let someone else do it for me. When I ran out of my homemade wool wash, I purchased Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Wool Wash from artsiekat’s Etsy shop .

I was thrilled to see it arrive in a glass jar. I know some Etsy sellers are leery of using glass for their handcrafted washes & such because of the fragile factor but I’d rather have it in glass than a plastic container I have to figure out how to recycle or reuse. The glass jar will assuredly be reused after the wool wash is gone.

The wash itself has a lovely, light and clean scent. Not too overpowering but not so subtle that you can’t smell it at all. I used it on my wool diaper covers and it has worked excellent at both cleaning & lanolizing the wool.

Thumbs up all around to artsiekat’s wool washes !

Also check out all of her knitted goods…great stuff! I’m personally a fan of this Pumpkin Hat



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